by Tooth&Nail

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released August 27, 2016



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Tooth&Nail Saginaw, Texas

Small Band from Saginaw, Texas. We play melodic hardcore, and are in the process of writing an ep.

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Im at the bottom 6 ft under
The voices in my head are playing every scripture in reverse
Face to face with the devil inside of me
I saw the hell inside of me

They say a changed man is better then a dead man and i am worse than all of them
so youll always see the worst in me

Ive had my vices
my demons
my poison
I cannot bear the thought of staying
While im losing my mind (x3)
just to watch myself die
Track Name: Hostility

What makes you think that your Mentalty can secclude what you call the Minorities

without a choice

What gives you the authority to take anothers freedom

without a voice

mut with no luck
Down in the rut
No piglet
No respect
For anyones skin colar
Faces are blank
From poverties plague
I feel myself shake
As the tv goes blank
Cold in their eyes
Bought through with lies
Stand tall
Pma going strong
Im ashamed
My heritage to blame
No more
Rock that pma

Everyone who has fought to hell and back through thick to thin

Without a choice

So untie my hands and liberate me of this cancer

Without a voice

You are the cancer, The disease
We are the cure, The free
Track Name: Shame.
Ive fought through a thousand swords
With every word you read, to every word you couldent see, to every word you spoke, but could not grasp
And ill fight through a thousand more

Youre word cant save me
You wont take my soul
Not youre god
Not she

he kept giving the blood on his hands wide open with every finger bent backwards
his bones grow hollow and twisted
Head below his shoulders
Soul always at greif

But if youd listen and see just maybe the deaf could hear and the blind can see the relief they were promised that you couldent keep

there is a hope in love there is a hope in me there is a hope in blood there is a hope in he
Not youre god
Not she

Ive fought through a thousand swords
With every word you read to every word you couldent see to every word you spoke but could not grasp
And ill fight through a thousand more
Youre word cant save me
You wont take my soul
Not youre god
Not she
Track Name: Fool's Gold
Fools gold

Pickpocket the poor for more
To feed your greed look into your eyes to see the empty stomachs you wont feed
Sick and twisted minds running the lives of the weak just to be free of their misery
Living a lost cause with a lost soul so tell me whos really in control
so keep pulling the strings
Killing everything you see
Its what they made its what you take
Fake living taking everything you can get fools gold is all youll get in the end

Scum bags
Closed minds and absent souls
Confined spirit and sympathy that you withhold, dead bodies and vacant homes

Blood diamonds and bullet holes

Fuck your fools gold
Track Name: Bloom

I could see the sun in youre eyes burning everything that rises
I fell short of my self into the ashes
You held me to
Buried beneath the dirt with a rose that cut my hands from your thorns Youve tied this noose at both of our ends
Ive been running around in circles in this hell you call home
Will i rise again
I never did
Two open graves
Unmarked for our names
When your at the bottom
Ill take your place
Youve started a fire burning,
everything inside of me that never seems to fade, left just to grow
You never carried the weight or seen better days some people change but you stayed the same

Ive learned to grow
So mother
Will you rise again
You never did
I will stand by you as you helped me through
becomeing the man i was supposed to be
honest, loyal
Constantly dreading
The burdens
in my head Have left
And now im finally living